Born and raised in South Philadelphia; my leisure, listening to the sounds of Philadelphia. From the time I learned to adjust the radio dial, I kept mine on WDAS FM. It was there I learned the feeling of love. Summer nights, up with only me and my radio. Not certain if I was too young, or too scared; one thing was true, I wanted to learn what a kiss, from someone you loved, felt like by listening to the radio.

I graduated high school and attended Tuskegee Institute; it was there I learned to kiss and appreciate love songs with a new understanding. Later in life I attended nursing school, became a registered nurse, and learned the power of healing through music. Then one day, God showed me I had the ability to contribute to what I've loved my entire life. I write from my heart to yours.

My passion is love songs, but I've learned that I have an unique ear, to interpret the sound and create the lyrics that apply. My desire is to influence the next generation with a new sound. As an encourager, I want to leave a legacy of lyrics that inspire to want more, love more, and be more. Let's make music together: R&B, Gospel, Country, Rock, you name it; I love it.